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FIONNAY POWER STATION (altitude 1490 m)

The Fionnay power station is operated by water from the Grande Dixence dam. For this to be possible, an underground tunnel nine kilometres long had to be excavated and laid out. This pressure tunnel has a very steep gradient which averages approximately 10%.

The surge chamber at Louvie, in the Val de Bagnes, turns into a penstock which descends 800 metres with a gradient of 73%. This penstock emerges in the flow divider at Fionnay power station, a huge cavern hollowed out of the rock.

Fionnay balancing reservoir

Capacity 166'000 m3

Number of turbines

Number of turbines 6 x 2 Pelton
Capacity 290 MW
Flow rate 45 m3/s max.
Head height 874 m

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