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The Grande Dixence complex collects water from 35 glaciers in the Valais, from the Mattertal (Zermatt region) to the Val d’Hérens, then conveys it to the highest gravity dam in the world, at the head of the Val des Dix. To achieve this, it was necessary to construct:

  • 100 kilometres of tunnels, including a main collection conduit at an altitude of 2400 metres which flows into the Lac des Dix;
  • 75 intakes;
  • 4 pumping stations (Z’Mutt, Stafel, Ferpècle, Arolla) to pump the water up to the level of the main collection conduit;
  • 2 balancing reservoirs (Z’Mutt and Ferpècle);
  • a large number of sand traps and gravel traps.

The water stored behind the Grande Dixence dam drives the turbines in two power stations at Fionnay and Nendaz. The water which leaves the turbines at Fionnay passes into a balancing reservoir, built near the power station.

The Grande Dixence facility is supplemented by facilities belonging to Cleuson-Dixence (Bieudron power station) and Alpiq.

Work to construct the Grande Dixence complex took place at 23 high-altitude sites and lasted fifteen years, involving three thousand workers.

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