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NENDAZ POWER STATION (altitude 478 m)

After driving the turbines at Fionnay, the water from the Grande Dixence dam is sent to the power station at Nendaz. It travels in a pressure tunnel which leads into the Péroua surge chamber, 1000 metres above the power station. The tunnel connecting Fionnay to Nendaz is 16 kilometres long and is supplemented by a penstock.

The Nendaz power station, hidden in the mountains between Aproz and Riddes, is the second-largest hydroelectric power station in Switzerland after the Bieudron power station (which is out of service until 2010). Its capacity and flow rate are regulated with those of Fionnay. Together, these three power stations can provide approximately 2 billion kWh annually. This is equivalent to the average annual consumption of 400,000 households.

Power station

Number of turbines 6 x 2 Pelton
Capacity 390 MW
Flow rate 45 m3/s max.
Head height 1008 m


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