The hydroelectric complex

The Grande Dixence and Alpiq hydroelectric complex uses the waters of the Dixence, Printze, Chennaz, Borgne and Visp basins to produce electricity according to the needs of its shareholders.

Grande Dixence SA and its facilities:

The Grande Dixence complex (1951-1965) with a dam in the Val des Dix of a total storage capacity of 400 million m3 , submerging the original Dixence dam. A capacity of 50 million m3 belongs to Alpiq to store the waters granted to the company. The facility includes 2 production plants with a total power output of 680 MW and 4 pumping stations.

Alpiq and its facilities:

The first Dixence (1930-1935), a dam in the Val des Dix with a storage capacity of 50 million m3 the waters of which were turbined at the Chandoline power plant (150 MW). Cleuson (1947-1951), a dam built in addition to the previous facility, with a storage capacity of 20 million m3 , the waters of which are pumped to the Lac des Dix.

Complementary Cleuson-Dixence complex constructed by Grande Dixence SA and Alpiq:

With a view to increasing the power of their facilities, the companies Grande Dixence and Alpiq joined forces to build the Cleuson-Dixence complex (1993-1998) which includes a new plant, the Bieudron power plant (1200 MW).

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