Located deep in the Hérens valley (alt. 1896 m), the Ferpècle pumpingstation collects the water from the Ferpècle and Mont Miné glaciers.Every year, 3 pumps transfer around 60 million m3 of water up the 212-metre gulley to the Arolla pumping station via the Maya reservoir.The total output from the facility is 8.4 m3 / second.

The power station is hidden inside the mountain. Only a dam, two sandtraps and a gravel trap are visible. To prevent floodwater entering the installations, the Ferpècle water intake is equipped with an access limiter to the sand trap.

Afterbay reservoir

Construction1962 – 1964
Height25,5 m
Crest91 m
Volume of concrete6000 m3
Capacity100 000 m3
Surface area1,1 ha
TypeArch dam

Pumping station

Power3 x 7,1 MW
Flow rate8,4 m3/s
Discharge head212 m
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