Shareholding portfolio

Grande Dixence SA holds stakes in four companies:

  • Cleuson-Dixence, an ordinary partnership created jointly with EOS in 1992 to increase the capacity for electricity production. Grande Dixence SA’s holding is 15/22.
  • Elektrizitätswerk Zermatt AG (EWZ), industrial services for the municipality of Zermatt, with 45 % of the share capital held since November 2001. This partnership has allowed EWZ and Grande Dixence SA to develop synergies to exploit and process the water in the Zermatt basin.
  • HYDRO Exploitation SA, created in June 2002 jointly with EOS Holding and FMV SA, joined in 2007 by Romande Energie Holding, to manage their facilities. Grande Dixence SA holds 35 % of the share capital.
  • Forces Motrices de la Borgne SA (FMdB), with 29 % of the share capital since January 2009. FmdB owns the Bramois development, located downstream of the Grande Dixence installations, and uses the waters of the Borgne river. FmdB’s other shareholders are the communes of Hérémence, St-Martin, Vex, Mont-Noble and Sion (51%) and the company FMV SA (20 %).
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