Environmental impact

The current facility has contributed to the creation of an extended nature reserve in the Val des Dix, filled with rich and varied flora and fauna. The Cleuson-Dixence has been subject to various major ecological offsetting measures to preserve the environment.

These measures consist of cleaning up the Dixence, creating numerous biotopes, developing a nature area covering around 150,000 m2 close to the river Rhône and monitoring the impact on the river of returning water to it from the turbines. Conscious of the need to limit the environmental effects of its activities as far as possible, Grande Dixence SA has undertaken to develop its own environmental management system which received ISO 14001 certification in July 2001.

The hydraulic energy which it produces has also obtained the naturemade basic “renewable energy” label (janvier 2002). The construction of the Grande Dixence and Alpiq hydroelectric complex has contributed to the development of the mountain regions concerned. It ensures high quality electricity is supplied to the country. The licensing authorities for Grande Dixence SA collect some significant financial contributions in the form of taxes and royalties. In addition, the Cleuson-Dixence facility is a tool which Switzerland can use as an asset to strengthen its position internationally. Finally, on expiry of the licenses, the Alpiq-Grande Dixence hydroelectric complex will become in large part the property of the communes which granted the licences.

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